How To Set Up The Right KPIs For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Set Up The Right KPIs For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

This is the smile of someone who was about to pass out 2 minutes before. The goal: 3 miles in 25 minutes. I also like trying new features, so I decided to “test” the “toner legs” option in the new treadmill my gym just got (then I realized that meant running on a hill the whole time). When I was towards the end of my run and noticed I needed to push harder in order to get to 3mi. I run as hard as I could to achieve my goal, I did the 3mi and although felt very dizzy by the end of it, I was soo happy I pulled that one off!

See, this is why I love KPIs, how do you know where you are going if you don’t know your numbers, right? This is always one of my first questions to my clients when we are on strategy calls (and many of them don’t know what a KPI is). Key performance indicators are the number one thing you need to know to optimize not just your FB/Insta ads but for your whole marketing strategy.

Need help figuring out your KPIs or which ones to focus on? Here are 3 easy tips you can use today to start optimizing your campaigns:

  1. Think about what your main goal is for the campaign you are running. If your objective is engagement, your KPI is the total number of likes and/or comments. If your objective is more traffic, your KPI could be Pageviews or Link CTR, If your objective is conversions, your KPI is the total number of purchases.
  2.  If you don’t know what value to give your KPI, run your new campaign for 7 days and monitor the numbers you are seeing for the KPI that you want to set. If your KPI is CTR (click-through rate) and you got a 1% CTR in the last 7 days, set your KPI to be a little higher than 1%. I would set it to be 1.3%. That way you’ll start optimizing your campaign to achieve the 1.3% goal.
  3.  Once you have achieved your goal (let’s say you consistently keep getting 1.3% CTRs), raise your KPI by a couple more points. For this example the new KPI would be 1.5%. This will force yourself to continue optimizing and scaling your campaigns!

BONUS TIP: Keep track of your numbers in an excel sheet so you can compare week by week.

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