How To Convert All Your Live Videos into Kickass Ads

Calling all course creators and online coaches. Quick question for ya’ll.  When you go live on your Facebook group, other people’s groups, or on your feed, are you going live from your personal profile or your business page? If you are not sure of the answer, chances are you are going live on your personal profile. This is a big mistake that you are making and you probably don’t even realize it. By not going live from your business page, you are missing out on:

  1. Being able to automatically save your live videos under Facebook ads manager and re-use them for ads 
  2. Being able to re-target everyone who engages with you in your live videos with offers.
  3. Being able to create lookalike audiences from the people that engage with you in your live videos. Imagine creating an audience of 1 million people who are VERY similar to your current audience! 

You may be thinking. Okay, Ana, this sounds great, but how do I even check if I’m going live from my personal profile or my business page? It’s very easy! Here’s how:


When you are in your Facebook group, take a look at your profile picture on the top left. If it says “Interacting as yourself,” it means that you’re in it from your personal profile. Click on the message and select your business page. The message will change to “Interacting as the name of your page.” Once you select the option to interact as your page, you’ll be all set to go live in your Facebook group. 

“Interacting as yourself”

“Interacting as yourself”

“Interacting as my business page”

“Interacting as my business page”

If, it doesn’t give you the option to interact as your business page. You’ll need to do one of the following:

  1. You’ll need to link your business page to your group. You can do this by clicking on More -> Edit group settings. Or
  2. Make sure you are an admin of the group. 

If you are going live on Zoom. You can stream into a group you are an admin of, as long as you are using a paid Zoom account 


Ask the group owner to make you an admin on that group and follow the same steps I mentioned above.


You can just click the “Live Video Option” on your business page. For more exposure, share your live video from your personal profile to your personal feed so your Facebook friends can also watch it while you are live. Facebook will keep track of everyone viewing the video, even when it’s shared on other accounts! 

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