How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads Audiences without Screwing Up Your Ads Performance

How awesome is it when after doing all the trial and error testing on your Facebook ads, you finally start learning which audiences perform really well and which don’t. Our natural instinct is to do more of what’s currently working. Maybe you’ll want to add more interests to your saved audiences, add more locations, or amplify the age. In order to do this, you may think that the best way to go is to edit your current ad set. Easy, right? Wrong! Friend, if this is something you normally do, today is the last time you optimize your audiences this way.

This is a BIG mistake that many business owners make without knowing. It has 2 consequences: 

1. Every time you edit your current campaigns, ad sets, or ads; you re-set the algorithm to start over and all the data that you have collected will no longer be available for the algorithm to do its job. 

2. If you edit your current ad set, you have nothing to compare against. You won’t know if the changes that you made perform better or worse than your original ad set. 

Today I’m here to teach you how to duplicate and optimize your audiences without screwing up what’s performing well for you. 

Let’s say you are a course creator and you are getting a lot of leads from a personal development interest audience. You want to add more interests to this audience and see if you can amplify the results and lower your cost per lead. There are 2 options you can use: 

  1. If the audience is saved, you can duplicate your personal development audience in the “Audiences” section of ads manager.
  • Click on ads manager -> Audiences
  • Select the audience that you want to duplicate and click on “Edit”.
  • Add new interests or make the changes you wanted to make, and click on “Save As”. Do NOT click on Update as it will update all your current campaigns using this audience.
  • Create a new campaign or ad set and use your new audience. 
  1. If the audience is not saved, you can duplicate your original ad set and make the changes to your audience in the duplicated ad set. 
  • Click duplicate on the ad set
  • Make the changes to your audience, update the ad set title and publish it.

It’s that simple! Continue properly optimizing your ads and doing more of what’s working!

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