The Secret To Running Successful Instagram Ads And How to Get Started

I am soo excited about today’s topic because it’s one that I get asked about A LOT! When businesses contact me for help with their digital marketing strategy, they come with the impression that Instagram ads are separate from Facebook ads. I understand why they would think this since they are two different social media platforms, but the good news is that Facebook and Instagram ads are both run and managed under the same platform: Facebook Ads Manager.

Many businesses who are new to Instagram ads start their advertising journey by boosting posts inside their Instagram account, which has the following limitations:

  1. Not being able to target warm audiences (followers, website traffic, and email list).
  2. Not being able to run ads without an end date.
  3. Not being able to set objectives.
  4. Not being able to properly set up a funnel strategy.
  5. Limited performance report

And the list can keep going. So if you’ve been running Instagram ads straight from your Instagram app, STOP today, and follow the steps below instead to get a major return on investment. 

Simple Steps To Create Successful Instagram Ads:

  1. Make sure you have an Instagram Business account. If you don’t, you can change it by going to settings -> account -> switch to business account.  
  1. Set up your Facebook Ads Account and Pixel:
  1. Create your strategy:

What is your main goal to run Instagram ads? Is it more followers, more engagement, more website traffic, or more sales? I recommend making sure that you walk your audiences through a funnel, where they go from engagers to followers to customers to raving fans. If you would like to learn more about this strategy, download my “Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ads Targeting” .

  1. Build your audiences: 

Here you will define what audiences you will like to get in front of with your ads. Is it people who already know you (warm audiences: email list, website traffic, video viewers, followers), or is it people who don’t know you yet (interest audiences or lookalike audiences)

To build your audiences, go to Business tools (top left-hand side) -> Audiences

  1. Build your campaign: 

Go to Business tools -> Ads Manager -> Create

  • Campaign level: Here you will select your objective, budget (you can choose your budget at campaign or ad set level), and the name of your campaign.

Facebook Ads Objective Tips: 

  • Ad Set level: Here you will select your budget (optional), ads schedule, your audience – demographic, placement (in this case it’ll be Instagram), and the optimization and delivery. 

Placement Tips:

If you want to run Instagram ads ONLY, select the Manual Placements option under placements. Then, select just Instagram under Platforms. You will also have the option to select Instagram feed, Instagram explore, and/or Instagram Stories.

  • Ad level: Here you will choose your Identity by selecting your Facebook page as well as your Instagram profile. Even if you are just running Instagram ads, you must select your Facebook page since this is the one connected to your Instagram account. 

You will also select the ad set up and the format (you have the option to create an ad or choose exciting posts). After this, you will upload the media (if you chose to create the ad), add the text, website URL (if you need one), and the call to action. Click on Publish after you are done!  

Existing Post Tips:

To drive more engagement and followers, use existing posts that have high organic engagement. All the likes and comments that you have received organically, will also show in the ad. 

  1. Creative Specs:
  • Instagram Feed & Explore Images: Square (1:1), 1080×1080 pixels, file type: jpg
  • Instagram Feed & Explore Videos: Vertical (9:16), al least 1080×1920 pixels, length: under 120 seconds, file type: MP4
  • Instagram Feed & Explore Videos: Portrait (4:5), al least 1080×1350 pixels, length: under 120 seconds, file type: MP4
  • Instagram Stories Videos & Images: Landscape (16:9),1920 × 1080 pixels, length: under 120 seconds, file type: MP4

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