How to Build High Performing Interest Audiences For Facebook Ads

If I was sitting with you at a coffee shop and I asked you who your dream customer is, what would your answer be? 

Defining who your ideal customer is, goes way beyond their annual income, job title, and age. Getting to REALLY know your ideal customer is not just necessary to run successful Facebook and Instagram ads but you need it for your whole marketing strategy.

Once you define who your dream customer is, you are going to feel more confident and less overwhelmed when you visit the interest targeting section of Facebook Ads Manager. I get it, it can be a little confusing when you are trying to get in front of your ideal client but it all starts with the basics.

Start with defining your ideal customer interests by thinking about: 

  • Their age
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Competitors
  • Influencers they follow
  • Stores where they shop
  • What softwares they use.⠀
  • TV shows/movies they watch
  • Music artists they like
  • Websites they follow⠀
  • Hobbies⠀⠀
  • Books they read. Bonus tip: Go into Amazon and read the reviews on those books, it’ll give you insight on how they talk! 😉

Once you define their interests. Go to Facebook ads manager →Audiences →Saved Audience:

After you get here. Add your location, age, gender, and language. Then, click Detailed Targeting. 

Under Detailed Targeting, group your audience’s interests by category and don’t add all of them together under the same audience. For example: Create one interest audience for competitors, another one for books they read, another one for shows they watch, etc. This way we make sure we are targeting people with the same interests. 

After you create your audiences. Add them to your cold targeting strategy and start testing them! Remember, the success of Facebook ads is in the strategy and the ongoing testing. 
If you need more help creating your audiences, download my Ultimate Guide to Facebook & Instagram Ads Targeting here:

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