How to Build a Community of Raving Fans After Attracting them Through Facebook Ads

How do you read the data that you receive from your Facebook Ads? Are you looking at your leads and purchases as just numbers or as people who come in touch with your brand? 

Today I want to talk to you about how to build a community of raving fans after attracting them through Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads are just a piece of your marketing puzzle. If you don’t have the other pieces of your puzzle in place, your Facebook ads won’t be successful in the long term. You need to make sure that you are consistently building a relationship with the audience you attract through your ads, so that the 1st person they will think of when they need your products or services is YOU! 

Here are a couple of tips on how to build a relationship with your audience after they find you through Facebook ads:

  1. Create a channel where you communicate with them on a regular basis. This can be through your email marketing strategy, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), YouTube, etc. For me personally, Instagram (posts & stories) and my blog are where I build a relationship with my audience after they find me. These channels have worked for me incredibly well but I recommend you look into what works best for you and what brings you JOY.
  2. Be consistent. Create a plan on how often and how you are going to show up. Make it fun for yourself to avoid burning out. Plan how often you are going to share information about your products, tips, and even information about yourself. Remember, people do business with people. When they connect with who you are, it makes it a no brainer for them to want to do business with you. 
  3. Be your true self. Show up unapologetically. Some people are going to love you and some are not. And that’s okay! 
  4. STOP looking at what others are doing. Come up with your own plan and stop trying to do what everyone else is doing. First, that will just make you average, and second, your inner-impostor syndrome will kick in to full gear. 

Use your Facebook ads to attract your ideal audience and scale. Use your gifts to attract raving fans.  

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