The Decisions That Took My Business From Being An Idea To Having The Biggest Months In 2020

My hands were shaking, I called Jared 3 times before I made the move. I read over and over the sales page. I didn’t have all that money in cash to pay for the program but I knew that if I wanted something to change, I needed to pull the trigger. I charged the payment to my credit card and paid in full.  

This is how I felt when I bought my first coaching program and my life was changed ever since. The truth is that every time I join a coaching program or hire a 1:1 coach, my life changes. I grow as a person, my community grows and so does my business.

Before I became an entrepreneur, I spent years complaining that I couldn’t start my own business because even though I knew many entrepreneurs back home (in Colombia), I didn’t know any here in the United States.  I also kept telling myself that I had no idea how to get started. Then, after I joined my 1st coaching program (thank you Rick Mulready!), I was able to quit my corporate job making the same amount of money I was making in my 9-5 within less than 2 months. After this, I decided that coaching programs were the tools I was going to use to fast track my business and I haven’t been without a coach ever since. 

In this blog, I want to share with you how the coaches that I’ve hired and the courses that I’ve taken have changed my life and why I want to help you do the same. 

In 2018 I knew something had to change, even though I loved my corporate job something didn’t feel in alignment. I knew that my income could be better but more importantly, I wanted the freedom to spend more time with my son. I also wanted to be able to travel to Colombia whenever I wanted, for as long as I wanted. I knew that I wanted to make a bigger impact and help more businesses the same way I was helping my current employer. 

I’ve always loved listening to podcasts, but in 2018 I listened to them like it was my job. I listened in the shower, on my way to work, at the office, during my lunch break, and even while folding laundry. Then, one day I heard Rick Mulready was promoting his FB Advantage course and I knew he was talking to me. Even though I already had good knowledge of Facebook ads, I wanted to get better at it and I also wanted to learn how to build my own agency. It was a big investment at the time but I knew that I had to take the risk. In 2019 I quit my corporate job and I was able to not only make the money back from the course but I was also able to match my corporate salary within a couple of months. 

Then in the middle of 2019, I felt the loneliness of being a solo-preneur. I didn’t really know many other entrepreneurs and I was literally praying to God to send me a community of friends who would share the same values and vision I did. During that time, James Wedmore was promoting his business by design program. A program that is for entrepreneurs who want to start building courses. Even though I wasn’t ready to start selling courses at the time, a little voice in my head kept telling me I had to buy Business by Design. After a lot of thinking and going back and forth with myself, I listened to that voice and decided to go for it. Once again my life was transformed. Not only is James Wedmore one of the wisest coaches I’ve ever had but in the Business by Design community, I was able to meet my tribe. The one I’d been praying for. The most amazing group of entrepreneurs who have an incredible vision, believe in the power of spirituality and manifestation, and are making a huge impact. Also, many of them have either become dear friends of mine or amazing clients. 

In January of this year, I decided that I needed to hire a 1:1 business coach to put a flashlight on my blind spots and to keep me on track. After doing a lot of research, I hired Rebecca Limas. Working with her brought incredible growth to my business. She was bringing in new ideas I had never thought of before and she kept me accountable to make sure I achieved my goals. With her help, I was able to double my monthly revenue and I even had the biggest months in my business during the quarantine. 

After working with Rebecca, I decided that I really wanted to get help with the way I was delivering content to my audience. I always had a fear of public speaking and sharing my message in my second language made this fear even worse because of my accent. So I decided to hire a voice/ on-camera coach. This is when Kellsie Moore came into the picture. As soon as I talked to her, I knew I had to hire her. She helped me to not only be aware of the tone of my voice and my on-camera presence but she helped me build my confidence and work through my limiting beliefs. If you take a look at my before and after Kellsie videos, you will notice the difference right away. 

Today, a little over a year later after opening my business, I joined my first mastermind lead by the amazing Amber Lilyestrom. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs build a business that is a reflection of their life purpose and I am so excited to take my business to the next level with her by my side. 

I’m going to be honest with you. Every time I invest in a new coach it is very scary because they are big investments.  However, I always know they will bring me personal growth, business growth, and financial growth. 

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is because I want to show you how important it is for you to invest in yourself and your business. I am here to help you in the same ways my coaches have done it for me. You don’t have to feel burnt out, overwhelmed or alone. I want to help you start your business, grow it, and scale it so you can have the freedom you deserve. Here are a couple of ways we can work together:

  • Many of you have been asking so I decided to put together a brand new training to help you get in front of the right audience and increase your revenue through Facebook and Instagram ads. I’m only inviting 20 people to be my founding members and to work closely together as I create the course and you will only have to pay for half of the investment. If you are an online coach or a course creator and this is something you are interested in, please email me at with the subject “founding member”. 
  • If you are someone who wants to start building a successful online business or are just getting started and need help getting there, I’m opening 2 spots to work with me 1:1 for business coaching. Here I will teach you how to start a successful online business, how to position your brand, and how to attract and get your first customers. If this is something you are interested in, please email me at with subject “business coaching”. 
  • Last, I am offering 1:1 Facebook and Instagram ads coaching for course creators, online coaches, and e-commerce businesses that have a successful product and are ready to 4x their ROAS. If this is something you are interested in, please email me at with subject “FB ads coaching”.

Tons of love,


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