The Secret Weapon Behind Successful Facebook Ads: Your Email List

When I ask my clients about the size of their email list, they think I’m going to start coaching them on email marketing and list building. In reality, most of the time I ask because their email list is one of the most powerful tools they can use to build very strong audiences for their Facebook ads.

Did you know that you can upload your email list to your Facebook ads account to reach your warmest audience (your email list), to reach a very powerful cold audience (Lookalike of your email list), and you can also exclude your email list from offers to your new audiences.

Today I’m going to teach you how to upload and create Facebook ads audiences based on your email list data.

NOTE: In order to create the best performing audiences, I recommend you have at least 1,500 people in your email list. 

How  to set it up:

  • Click on audiences:
  • Click on create Custom Audience:
  • Click on Customer List
  • Click upload CSV file.

You are done! After your audience uploads, convert it into a lookalike audience for your cold targeting campaigns.

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