How to Get your Website Domain Verified by Facebook and Why You Need to Do it ASAP

As you may already know, the privacy changes in Apple’s iOS14 will be having a big impact on Facebook and Instagram advertising. I speak about this on my blog How The Changes in Apple’s Privacy Policy (iOS14) Will Impact Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Course Creators and E-commerce And What To Do About It. ADD LINK to the last blog. Take a look if you’d like to learn more about it.

Right now, Facebook is asking all advertisers to verify their domains inside the platform. If you don’t verify your domain, you are taking the risk of getting your ads paused until you do so. In this blog, I’m going to walk you through the steps to get your domain verified by Facebook

Here are the steps to get your domain verified by Facebook:

  1. Log in to If you don’t have a business account yet, create one and link your ads account to it.
  1. Once you are in your business account inside Facebook ads, go to Business Settings on the navigation menu or the nine dots on the top left.
  1. Go to Brand Safety on the left menu, and then click on Domain.
  1. Click on Add and then type the domain that you own, you don’t need to add “www”, only your domain. For example, After that click on Add Domain
  1. You’re going to notice nothing happens after you click Add Domain, so you need to refresh the page, and then it’s going to show you 3 options to verify your domain, select the option that is easiest for you to implement on your site. 

In my case I have a WordPress website, I reached out to WordPress support and they let me know which option was right for me. 

  1. To finish the process click on Verify. The red dot next to your domain will change to green and the status will change to Verified.

It’s that easy! It is very important that you do it right away because you don’t want to take the risk of getting your ads paused.

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