The one mistake that is costing you a lot of sales during your launch. Are you making this mistake?

Today I want to talk to you about one unconscious behavior I keep seeing over and over when course creators and coaching are launching. This is costing them not only a lot of money but also a lot of stress and waste of energy in the wrong place. I keep seeing very successful coaches and course creators get discouraged about their launch, audience, prices, and product when they don’t see the results they expect as soon as they open cart! My friend, I wish it was this easy to know when your inner impostor is hitting you in full gear. But usually, it takes us a little more time than that to realize that our mindset needs a little shift to be able to get the sales we want out of our launch. This is why today I made this video/blog for you. So if you are launching or you are getting ready to launch, you get to set the right MINDSET and ENERGY (yep, let’s get a little woo woo!) that you need to succeed from the beginning to the end of your launch. And even if you already launched, this video will get you prepared for the next one. Because remember, when you perfect your craft, that’s when the bigger conversions and bigger results will come.

Here are a couple of tips that you can use to have a successful launch and not get discouraged in the process: 

  1. Track conversions throughout your launch. This will allow you to set up KPIs for your future launches based on this data. 
  2. Have quick action bonuses throughout your launch 

EXAMPLE: A three-month payment plan or a one-on-one call with you.

  1. Don’t talk yourself out of it when you just opened the cart! 
  2. Because your new leads didn’t convert in this launch, it doesn’t mean they won’t convert on the next one. Your leads might need a little more time to be warmed, this is when you need to show up between launches, when you’re not launching, you’re in pre-launch. Build your audience constantly.
  3. Write down the lessons that you learned at the end of your launch. So you can apply them to the next one.

As always, count on me if you have any questions. I am only one email away! Send it to

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