Personalized marketing strategies for online businesses.

I’ve got it all covered.

I call myself a Marketing Strategist for a reason: because there is so much more to Facebook and Instagram Ads than managing them.

When you work with me, you’re getting more than just one piece of the puzzle; we will take care of the whole process from outlining your ideal market to analyzing results and optimizing them.

I do that.

Graphics and ad copy?
Yep and yep.

Targeting, retargeting, segmenting, testing, funnels?!
Yeah, I do all that, too!

Infographic showing steps in a conversion funnel



We start our marketing journey with some data collection. You’ll tell me all about your goals for the campaign and we’ll begin crafting a results-driven strategy customized for your goals. We’ll kick things off with an onboarding call to discuss your current strategy and what I have planned next.

Here’s where I take over to work my magic.

Ad Creation

With me, you’re getting more than just one simple ad. My holistic approach to marketing means that I will take care of every phase of the campaign; awareness, engagement, traffic, retargeting, and conversion. That means I’ll handle every tiny detail, like:

  • Funnel mapping
  • Campaign objectives
  • Ad grids
  • Ad creation, including content and graphics
  • Split testing
  • Audience targeting and segmenting
  • Data analysis


This is the most important part. With my experience of over $5 million in ad spend and generating at least 5x ROI for my clients, I analyze the data from each phase of your campaign to segment and re-target your audience and update all future campaigns.

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