Me: Social media advertising genius
You: An online business ready to get major ROI

A match made in marketing heaven.

Hi! I’m Ana! I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist and Facebook & Instagram Ads Specialist. I work with online businesses that have an eye on the future. That means bigger results, major traffic, more sales, and customers who can’t stop talking about your brand.

If you’ve got an online business, big goals, and you’re ready to scale, then I’ve got a marketing strategy to take you where you want to be.

My Clients

For six years I worked at an e-commerce company as the Director of Digital Marketing and Analytics. While I loved the company and its mission, my entrepreneurial spirit kept whispering to me…

‘Yeah, this is great Ana, but what if you could do more?

I finally listened to that little voice and launched my agency. Now, I work with online businesses that are ready to make a major impact and scale their business.

I have experience in the retail, fashion, technology, wholesale and B2B industries, over $5 million in ad spend and have generated results of at least 5x ROI.

What does it take to work with me?

Having vision matters.

In a world where we have unlimited access to infinite content, the best way to stand out is to stand up for what you believe in. I drive consistent growth for online businesses that help their customers through high-quality products, amazing customer service, and a bold vision for the future.

What’s it like to work with me?

I bring years of experience, knowledge, and personalized strategy into every client relationship. My agency goes way beyond just Facebook ads. I give my clients clarity and set them up for continued success as they scale their business.

It’s time for more. 
Let me help you grow your business.

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