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‘Ana Katz is a super star marketer. She has a deep understanding of results-driven marketing and has helped my company for many years with a variety of complicated projects. I highly recommend her!’

Jordan Edwards
CEO and Owner,
Mixology Clothing Co.

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‘Ana is super knowledgeable and stays on top of the newest developments in social advertising. She helped me cut my cost per lead in half and continues to optimize my Facebook campaigns for best results. If you’re going to spend budget on Facebook ads it’s well worth hiring an expert like Ana to get the highest return on investment. She’s a true professional. Highly recommended!’

Joanna Mosca
Director of Marketing,

‘Ana Paulina Katz is a master! I saw a huge difference in my ads performance. I had been running ads myself without getting any results, until Ana managed my account. First of all, she put everything in place. My ads were a complete mess and then she created a new strategy for a more attractive content. She is very smart about sensing what people want. People went crazy with the ads and started commenting and sharing! I was surprised about the engagement. I am looking forward to my expansion with the help of Ana Katz Digital!’

Blanca Durán
CEO and Owner,
Blanca Duran Photography;
Founder, Como vivir de la Fotografía

‘It’s being a pleasure to work with Ana as my Facebook ads manager. She has restored my faith in Facebook ads by developing a strategy that works for my business and giving amazing results.’

Tamsin Henderson CEO and Owner, Copy Kooks

‘Brilliant. Creative. Collaborative. Ana is second to NONE when it comes to monitoring my ads and creating RESULTS!’

John Dwinell
Owner, Daredevil Productions

‘Working with Ana is AMAZING! She gets a good understanding of what your needs are with Facebook ads, what you’re looking to have done and just really helping set up the structure. She’s amazing at setting up the foundation for what you need to start creating effective ads.
I came to her with an extremely messy account. Really needing to get it fixed, organized and have it running and operating properly. I had probably like 6 pixels that I didn’t understand where they came from or what they were doing and she helped me get it all settled and cleaned to be the one correct operating pixel; then setting up the structure for running 3 primary campaigns, what metrics to look at, how to monitor it and gauge how they’re doing and if a certain metric fell off what that indicated and what is needed to be fixed.
She’s fantastic at coaching you through all that process and helping you get it set up completely in a way that empowers you to be able to continue running it on your own.
The biggest win is having an actual foundation in my Facebook Ads. Something that’s already set up that I can use to grow, scale and start running successful ads on.
Working with her is super fun. She’s completely lovely and she really understands the needs of the entrepreneur and getting your Facebook business manager side all set up for success and growth.
I’m so grateful to her and I’ve already recommended several people to go work with her as well because she’s going to be exactly what you need for an audit, clean up, or getting you set up and ready to scale!’

Kellsie Moore
Video Presence Coach

‘Working with Ana Paulina Katz has transformed my business. I went from 200 people in my list to 3000 in two weeks. My IG account grew by 400 followers, and my free training had 1000 registrants. CRAZY!
And is all thanks to the strategy she recommended in our first session together.
She walked me step by step on how to set up my audiences, the strategy, the funnel, the ads, the kpis, the process. EVERYTHING.
And all done with ease, patience, and the best attitude.
I am immensely grateful for her guidance and support.’

Johanna Salazar
Joiness, Branding Strategist and Digital Business Coach

‘Ana is THE BEST! She walks you through absolutely everything you need to know about Facebook ads, not just from a tech side of things (although this helped a lot) but also from a strategy perspective! I was able to grow my email list with my lead magnet and have all the tools to successfully add my ideal clients into my free challenge for a launch! She went above and beyond to support me and make sure I felt totally comfortable with everything! Thanks Ana!’

Emily Brant
Manifestation Business Coach

‘Hi, my name is Sandy Viteri.I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and digital course creators find their voice, grow their audience, and create impact by leveraging the power of video podcasts.I worked with Ana in figuring out how to use Facebook ads. She was AMAZING! The very first thing she did was to walk me through the entire layout of the Facebook ads manager. I didn’t have an idea of what it was or how to use it and I didn’t have the time to take a course or try to figure it out myself either. She was extremely patient and by the end of it, I had the lay of the land – she was fantastic!Then because I have an academy, Video Podcasts Academy, and videos are extremely important for me; she took the time to really understand my background and what my objectives were. So she explained to me the importance of video and how to use video with Facebook ads. We worked on a strategy that worked for me and my objectives. That was instrumental and valuable to me.The last thing we did was to look at analytics. At that point, we were able to put together exactly the metrics that we needed in order to be able to measure the success of my campaigns.Ana is extremely knowledgeable. So I was able to walk out knowing exactly the metrics that I needed to look into. Working with Ana was a pleasure so if you’re looking at working with Ana I will strongly recommend that you do so.’

Sandy Viteri
Video Podcast Coach and Owner, Video Podcast Academy

‘Ana is a great marketing strategist. She can see the big picture but has a keen eye for the details as well. She’s innovative and creative, always a step ahead. I highly recommend her!’

Jackie Ellis
Ads Strategist, Jackie Ellis Marketing

‘Working with Ana feels like having support from someone who wants you to succeed. It’s great! My business is better organized and I have a clearer understanding of what is important in my digital marketing strategy.’

Georgina Read
CEO and Owner,
Fluffy Butt Friends

‘Hey, my name is Anne Muchine, a financial coach. I’m taking a break in my day because I wanted to give some feedback and shout out to a small business owner who’s impacted me this year. And that’s Ana Katz Digital.
I especially liked Ana’s approach because she broke down our training into three separate sessions. In every session, I had homework. Well-thought-out homework on what was going to be tackled on session one, on session two, and session three. After every session, she would send me a recording of what we covered. I have watched and re-watched those sessions so many times. So it’s kind of like having her speak in my ear over and over again without having to text her or call her. If you need someone to work with you on Facebook advertising, reach out to Ana.’

Anne Muchine
Financial Coach

‘I loved working with Ana through her coaching package. It was exactly what I needed at the time to help me better understand all I needed to know about FB ads. She is SUPER patient, and knowledgeable, about FB ads strategy! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!’

Jean Tien
Mindset Coach

‘After my Facebook ad course with Ana Katz, I’ve had the best results. My money is being used super effectively on Facebook ads. I doubled my mailing list in less than two weeks with less than $200 and my cost per leads is less than 49 cents. Ana is a great teacher, she told me exactly what I needed to do.’

Lonnie Tapia
Lonnie Apparel

‘Ana helped me triple my conversions and ROI with an evergreen program I was selling to a cold audience with Facebook ads. Not only is she always ON TOP of conversions, optimization and revenue generation on each and every project but she gives so much care and attention to her clients, it feels like you are working alongside an invested business partner. I can’t recommend working with Ana enough (in fact I do, often, to my friends)! I can’t wait to see the ad funnel magic we create together in the future!’

Trish Taylor
Visibility Expert⚡️Coach

‘My experience with Ana was amazing,
she was not only sweet and kind but
she is a Facebook ads mastermind.
She helped me broaden my spectrum by getting the most audience I’ve ever had for my challenge after running it for 4 years.
If you need a Facebook ads expert, don’t hesitate, call Ana Katz’

Rebeca Lima
Business Coach

‘After the one-on-one coaching sessions with Ana, I learned the skills of creating and measuring the Facebook ads. She walked me through each step by creating audiences and setting up the funnels. It makes the whole process 10 times easier than me trying to figure out everything by myself without guidance. Highly recommend her sessions!  ‘

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